We are pleased to host once again at Plantation’s Lotus Pond Gallery the acclaimed Thai painter Attasit Pokpong. Join us for the opening of his exhibition on Saturday, 14 December at 6pm.

In this exhibit, Attasit will be displaying his iconic pop-influenced close-up portraits of women with vividly colored lips. His wife, Wallaya Rattanapirom, is the muse behind these enigmatic faces. The artist aims to capture Asian women’s inner strength through the colors and stroke of his paintbrush.

Born in 1977, Attasit Pokpong studied art at the Ratchamongkol Institute in Bangkok. He started his career in the late ‘90s and was quickly recognized as a stand-out in Thailand’s contemporary art scene. A technical master of both watercolor and oil painting, Attasit Pokpong’s distinctive style has generated a considerable amount of interest around the world. His work has been exhibited and sold in prestigious art spaces and fairs in Bangkok, Shanghai, Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, Japan, London, Hong Kong, Basel, Singapore, Melbourne and Miami.

Attasit held previously three exhibitions in Phnom Penh: at Chinese House in 2009 and 2010 and at Plantation’s Lotus Pond Gallery in 2012.

Selected works from Thai oil painters Natthiwut Phuangphi and Dusit Pimchangtong will also be featured in this exhibition.

Admission is free. Canapés and wine by La Pergola.

The paintings will remain on display until 14 February.

You can find the Facebook Event here.

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